Perez Guerra - El Punto. Madrid.

They are space of light, luminaries that enhance the spectacle and achieve effects of fantasy. Roldan is a colour artist, innovative in this proposals that after following his established design in the great drawing manner of painting and the balanced composition. That all elevated the resemblance and brings joy till convert the scene in a festival of intensities.

Antonio Cobos - Dean of the Association of Art Critics.

…”They are paintings that have been conceived in dreams, where all is magic and fantasy, and are primarily created for others to dream”.

J. Llop - Art critic and director of Gal-Art magazine

In wich world does P. Roldán live in? It would be wonderful from what we capture in this motifs, to get to know the this work, to go for a stroll under his skies and among his forets of a thousand colours.

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