The artist Roldan Molina, Pedro was born in Rute (Cordoba) on 27 th October 1954. He studied drawing from a young age, attaining various awards in painting, he even achieved one abroad when aged eight.


The artist moved to Barcelona, where he completed his painting studies surrounded by the modernists, near the impressionists, but mainly along those great painters who captured those landscapes during the last decade of the 20th century.Some of them where his teachers, like Carbonell Gonzalez,whom the painter greatly admired.





 Roldán Molina achieved numerous painting awards,which allowed him to progress and make himself know as an artist withim this world´s artistic sphere.Consequently,his work was exhibited in nationally and abroad,especially in USA and in the centre of Europe,in various institutions and private premises.


It is said he does magic tricks with colours and that his painting are as if they were extracted from a dream, in which his brush-strokes taint a whole atmosphere, projecting all its colour, which becomes painted poetry…it is also said, he lives in a different world, and that he sees things differently.

Today he lives in Granada.


  • Children ´s National Award (1963).

  • Ist Award in Ciudad de Cornella.

  • Ist Award in Figueras.

  • Ist Award in Santa Coloma de Grmanet.

  • Special Award in the International painting contest in Tossa de Mar.

  • Drawing and painting Award in Bco in Vizcay.

  • Ist Award in painting in Suria city.

  • Drawing and painting Award in St Joan de les Abades.

  • Ist Award in painting in Club Náutico Cambrils.


  • Galería Maika Sánchez, Valencia 2018

  • Art Revolution, Taipei 2018

  • Galería Ceferino Navarro, Granada 2018

  • Art Fair, Mágaga 2017

  • Galería Milenium, Granada 2015

  • Artexpo, New York 2015

  • Galería el Claustre, Girona 2012

  • Galería Benedito, Málaga 2009

  • Galería Archange, París 2009

  • Galería Echeverría, San Sebastián 2008

  • Gal magazine art Nº 1562-1563.

  • “Urban landscape”.J.M. Parramon:serie paso a paso.pp 38-51.

  • Anfora Nova de Literatura.Nº 5,especial 1st anniversay.

  • 35 poems,35 painters.Homage to painting”.A.N.L. Nº 5th anniversary.

  • Diverse conferences I the first academic and researchers gathering regarding Rute´s work.

  • Homage to Alberti,Raphael.Anfora Nova de Literatura Nº 27-28,especial 1st anniversary.

  • Anthology of Peace” A.Nova and UNESCO.50th anniversary of Human Righs.

  • Verses Of peace”60th anniversary of Human Rights.

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